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           Laboratory is a place where science and creativity meets to develop, research, and explore new ideas. SkyLabs embraces this great tradition being a virtual lab where people converge their ideas to create experiment and play with new Web innovations and technologies.

           SkyLabs was started by two young students on 20th June 2011. The name carries the essence of what we are and what we strive to be - the very best in the business of web technology solutions, which is a matter of time for us to be "the foremost".

           SkyLabs comprises of young dynamic professionals in the business of providing web technology solutions. However, building software’s is one of our primary focuses. Using internet as the platform, we design, develop and deploy appropriate technology solutions. The company sticks to the fundamental principle of adding value to the customers’ business which indirectly gives meaning to our existence as a company.


Mithun Kumar Muddan

Mithun Kumar Muddan

An Entrepreneur, A Change is Within
A tech Guy, Crazy Open Source Contributor, He push things beyond limit where he finds his Happyness, GitHub's Greatest Fan, He Says Ruby is Future, Future is Here.

Chief Technology Officer
Deanish M A

Deanish M A

Rails 4 Guy, Software Hacker, Open Source Contributor, Gamer, Smiles aLot, Sleeps @ 11pm, Google's Biggest Fan, The Cool Stuff Guy

UI/UX Designer
Sindhur Hegde

Sindhur Hegde

A recent design graduate from Northumbria University. Specialized in Interactive Media Design.
A keen interest of learning from everything around me and an eagerness to be the best I can, sets me apart. Design defines my characteristics and my way of life. #instalove #pinterestaddict #allthingsdesign

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